About Ateneo Heights Workshops

In line with our goal to discover new and fledgling talent, HEIGHTS organizes workshops for both writers and artists, namely the Ateneo HEIGHTS Writers Workshop (AHWW) and the Ateneo HEIGHTS Artists Workshop (AHAW). Each year, a group of undergraduate students, who are handpicked by a screening committee, come together to have their works critiqued by distinguished professors of the Ateneo and even distinguish writers in the literary world. After the workshop, the works of the students are shared to the community through a zine (for AHWW) and an exhibit (for AHAW).

History of the Workshops

The Ateneo Heights Workshops began in the year 1996, with the 1st Ateneo Heights Writers Workshop. Since then, the goal of discovering  new and fledgling talent has been evident through this yearly workshop. Year after year, multiple fellows are encouraged to submit and participate in the workshop to have their works improved under the guidance of experienced panelists. Most of these mentors in the past have come from the Ateneo faculty but in more recent years,  has branched out to include many of  Philippine Literature’s most distinguished writers. In the past, most panelists handled more than just one fellow. As AHWW progressed through the years, a 1:1 panelist-per-fellow workshop was able to be maintained in order to help the panelists focus on the work of just one fellow thus allowing for much more intensive improvements. Although in the online setting, to lessen logistical difficulties alongside lessening intimidation and accommodating more fellows, some panelists had to mentor 2 fellows. In the year 2021, the 26th Ateneo Heights Writers Workshop was able to mentor 14 fellows (the most number of fellows since 2013) through the help of 9 panelists.

The Ateneo Heights Artists Workshop is a more recent addition, having started in 2010 under the leadership of Jamie Bauza and Alfred Marasigan. They have become frequent panelists for AHAW since 2014. Much like AHWW, multiple fellows are also encouraged to submit their artworks, which is then tackled among fellows artists and distinguished panelists. AHAW may have started with having only 5 panelists and 6 fellows but in the recent years it has been able to maintain  10 panelists and 10 fellows. Even in the online setting, the 11th Ateneo Heights Artists Workshop was able to garner the same numbers.

One of the more recent developments in AHW is the addition of lectures. It’s recognized that there is a lot to learn through the critique sessions, but to have lectures discussing multiple fields of art and literature which includes the writing process, the publication cycle for pieces, as well as the politics of different writings is very helpful as well.

A lot has changed since the beginning of the workshops, but the essence of discovering and helping new and fledgling talent flourish remains.


AHW 2021 Culmination Head: Gewell Llorin
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About Heights

The Official Literary and Artistic Publication and Organization of the Ateneo De Manila University
HEIGHTS' six staffs collaborate to produce and promote two annual artistic and literary folios and a seniors' folio. We also host the Creative Talk Series, several org-exclusive training talks, the Ateneo HEIGHTS Writers Workshop [AHWW], Ateneo Heights ARTISTS Workshop [AHAW], and Kuwentong Pambata.

Mission and Vision

As a publication, HEIGHTS seeks to uphold the literary and artistic excellence of and for the Ateneo community.

Through its published materials, HEIGHTS aims to embody the best Atenean literature and art, and provide a platform for Atenean writers and artists to showcase their work. As an organization, HEIGHTS seeks to foster a deep appreciation of Filipino literature and art. Through its various projects, HEIGHTS aims to highlight the relevance of literature and art within the Ateneo community.

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